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Welcome Back to School!

August 18, 2011

Back to School 2011

Welcome back to school!  Already???  Didn’t summer just begin?  Yes, it’s still sweltering outside, yet that familiar, “I’m bored” is being heard from our children more and more often these days.

Hopefully they are eager to return to school.  Our children have much to think about, and yes, to be concerned about as they begin another school year.  Social pressures range from having the latest fashions to knowing how to “say no” to drug use and other peer pressures.  They are concerned about cyber bullying and other stresses brought on by social media, in addition to the pressures of homework.

As parents we want to be sure that we re-new the healthful routines of getting enough sleep and eating well.  We have been notified about the TDaP Vaccine requirement for all incoming 7th -12th graders.  We worry about after-school supervision.

Knowing that parents are the first and most important teacher a child will have, and home is a child’s first school, Vista Hill SmartCare is very excited to add the Evidence-based Curriculum, Abriendo Puertas  (Opening Doors) Parenting Classes for parents of children 0-5 years of age to our repertoire of Community Wellness activities and events.   Consultants or Educators from each of our 3 communities of Ramona, Pauma Valley and Campo have just become certified trainers of this curriculum, and are eager  to offer this 10 week class, collaborating with our partners such as Head Start and other neighborhood pre-schools. One of the primary goals of this curriculum is to encourage parent leadership and engagement.

SmartCare will also be partnering with Ramona Unified Elementary Schools to host a Kindergarten Readiness event, and look forward to a year of supporting Character Education events, Parenting Classes for parents of school age children, Self Esteem and Safe Choices groups for school children, and other Wellness Activities and Events.

As always, we look forward to your requests and suggestions!

Parents, encourage your kids to check out KidsHealth  for some tips to start the school year off in a healthful way!

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