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Wellness & Feng Shui

October 3, 2011

The goal of Vista Hill SmartCare Integrated Behavioral Services is to assist our patients and the members of the communities we serve bring body, mind and spirit together for a better life.  We do our best to incorporate and support interventions and events that reflect these individuals’ and communities’ unique and special cultures.

This may include understanding about healing with herbs and rituals, teaching meditation and relaxation, encouraging the practice of yoga, the use of sweat lodges and others.

As we continue to explore ways to assist others in finding balance in wellness and health, both physical and emotional, we have found some useful and thoughtful ideas through Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy developed over 8,000 years ago about the relationship between humans and their environment and the effects of that connection on a person’s overall well-being.  It is believed to allow people to work efficiently, comfortably, and successfully by following the patterns of nature, living in harmony with one’s natural surroundings instead of disrupting it. 

Through our interventions and Wellness Events, we encourage people to include nature and outdoor activity in their daily lives, to consider gardening, to ease the clutter in their homes, to live more “in the moment” through meditation and mindfulness, we are embracing some of the practice of Feng Shui.

  Even if you think Feng Shui is too far “out there” to be considered, consider these basics:

 One of the first “Must Haves” for a healthy home is fresh, good quality air.  We know plants help to purify the air, and they can certainly help with mood.  It couldn’t hurt to bring a plant or two into your home.  Focus on breath is at the center of anxiety reduction.  Of course we should start with clean, pure air.

 Sufficient, natural light is also a “Must Have” in Feng Shui.  We also know that light, particularly sunlight and lack there of, plays an important role in mood.  Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Consider letting more light in to your surroundings.  Take a daily walk.

 The third Feng Shui step toward health is a clutter-free space.  Literally and figuratively, reducing unwanted clutter is certainly a step we can all endorse!   This third step may require more support and assistance from others.  Please reach out to those around you, or contact us and we will connect you with the resources that can assist you.

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  1. October 4, 2011 12:47 am

    “Study and practice are both very important, but they must go hand in hand. Faith without knowledge is not sufficient. Faith needs to be supported by reason. However intellectual understanding that is not applied in practice is also of little use. Whatever we learn from study we need to apply sincerely in our daily lives”.
    -Dalai Lama

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