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The Gift of Children

June 5, 2013

Children's Yoga


Whether by birth or by adoption, by relation or friendship, through coaching or by teaching, by mentoring or by leadership, when a child comes into our lives it is both a marvelous gift and a tremendous obligation.   Each of us who passes through the life of a child, whether for a lifetime or a season, has an opportunity as well as a responsibility to leave an impression. We know that children often learn more through what we model than through what we might teach (or “preach”).

During our recent first annual Children’s Health & Safety Fair in Ramona, we at Vista Hill SmartCare had the pleasure to observe firsthand how much more engaged children became in wellness activities when their parents not only encouraged their children, but participated alongside them.
And we also were witness to the benefits of the countless hours of dedication provided by dance instructors and parent volunteers when the children of a local folklorico dance troupe took the stage, and then again by a local martial arts instructor as his students gave an amazing demonstration.

When our local children’s yoga instructor gathered children together to introduce them to the benefits of yoga, how awesome to see many of the parents practice asana alongside them!

We were also so grateful for so many community partners who participated in this Fair, including substance abuse prevention providers, the Boys & Girls Club, San Diego County Sheriff Department and CHP, our Fire Fighters and others who all play an integral role in the lives of our children; it does indeed take a Village!

And so we take pause, whether we are a coach or a teacher, a parent or an auntie….
*Do we think before we speak?

* Do we express gratitude?

*Do we demonstrate compassion?

* Can we put down the remote (or the cell phone, etc.) and go outside to play?

*Do we take the time to grow some of our own food, or shop at Farmer’s Markets or choose foods with minimal “extra” ingredients?

*Are we the kind of person we hope are children are growing up to become?

Each summer, SmartCare commits to providing Wellness Activities and Events for parents (or “parenting” grown-ups) and their children to engage in together. Please check our monthly calendars for these activities. If you don’t reside in one of the communities we serve, please consider creating your own wellness activities, if you don’t already engage in them! And, as always, we look forward to your suggestions!

Pamela Sachs Bryson, LCSW


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