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6 Degrees of Kindness

November 13, 2014



I was personally, very recently, reminded of how small our world has become, how we seem to be all connected in one way or another; most of us have our own “small world” stories, especially now in this age of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, but I was surprised to find that the theory of 6 degrees of separation is actually over 80 years old.  This theory is that everyone is actually six or fewer steps away from every other person in the world, so that any two people can find a connection in a maximum of six steps.

My recent experience occurred on Facebook, and connected me by way of only two other people, to a very dear friend that I lost way too soon to cancer last year.  It was a surprise encounter that touched my heart, and had me wonder that somehow it was meant to happen so that I would have another opportunity to cherish her memory.

I write about this today, in the month of November, for several reasons:  Veterans Day has just passed, World Kindness Day is 11.13.14 and it is the month of Thanksgiving.

Tragically, there has rarely been a time in our world’s history that we have called on our young men and women to fight for peace.  But, rather timely, I also came across this message on Facebook the other day:  “If you wish the next person peace, then one day we will all have peace”.    If we believe that we are all connected, then this thought is wonderfully true… and perhaps it is the more effective way toward peace.

And this brings me to World Kindness Day, which we at SmartCare look forward to promoting often!  Each year (and often throughout each year, when we promote Random Acts of Kindness) we are again and again amazed at the receptivity of patients, community members and collaborative partners’ excitement to pass on random acts of kindness.

Just last month, as we completed our year-long Youth Yoga, Art & Wellness Camps with our last two sessions, our theme was kindness toward self and others.  We distributed “Kindness Cards” to each youngster, and encouraged them to tell us how they will share them forward.  I was so pleased to see that each child took several extra cards with them.

There is goodness all around us, because we are connected; and because we are all connected, we need to be kind to one another.  Through this 6 degrees of separation, we can hope and assume that kindness will continue to spread, not just on 11.13.14, but each day throughout the year.

And this is something to be truly grateful for!

Pamela Sachs, LCSW


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  1. Susi permalink
    November 13, 2014 9:38 pm


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