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Pauma Valley

Serving the San Diego county communities of Pauma Valley, Ramona/Julian and Campo, Vista Hill SmartCare brings high quality supports and services for children and adults of all ages to area community health clinics. SmartCare can help individuals manage health, emotional and behavioral concerns to help them live in wellness.

Our aim is to help bring body, mind and spirit together for a better life. SmartCare partners with the community clinic healthcare teams. Our Behavioral Health Specialists work closely with your doctors, nurses, and other health care specialists to support your well being and good health.

The SmartCare team of Consultants, Educators and Therapists work hand in hand with health clinic staff to provide behavioral health screening, evaluation, education and short term counseling. SmartCare Integrated Behavioral Health will give you and your family the chance to find the important assistance you need right in your own back yard. We believe that children, teens, adults, seniors and their families deserve hope and respect as they acquire the tools to recover, build and improve their lives. When you have a question we support your health team in finding the answer that fits your needs.

You may also see the SmartCare Educators and Consultants leading community requested activities, trainings and events that enhance healthy life choices and reflect your community’s unique and special cultures.

Do you have a question about mental health or wellness? Please feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to provide you with assistance. Do you know someone in our service area that could use our support services? We would be happy to work with them to help support their mental health and wellness needs. Remember, you are not alone.

Pamela Bryson, LCSW

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